Broken Arm Diagnosis

Broken Arm DiagnosisAfter asking you questions about your symptoms, your doctor will want to know:

– How and when the injury occurred.
– Your medical history, especially any history of previous injuries sustained in the arm, including shoulders, elbows and wrists.
– The approximate date of your last tetanus shot if your injury damaged the skin.

Your doctor will compare your injured arm with which it is not and shall ensure that there is no swelling, deformity, abrasions, bruising and limited motion. Also gently push and play your whole arm to identify areas of hypersensitivity.

To help determine if a sharp edge of broken bone has damaged any of your nerves or blood vessels in the arm, your doctor will monitor your pulse and sensitivity and ability to move the arm and hand. To confirm the location and severity of your fracture, your doctor will ask radiographs of the injured bone and sometimes radiographs of the joints that lie directly above or below the fracture.

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