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Olay is a great brand that soon

Olay is a great brand that soon we can enjoy in Spain, but it already had a reputation in other countries. The firm has several lines of treatment and today we dedicate this article to the famous anti-wrinkle cream Total Effects 7x that not only helps eliminate and prevent these but fights the seven signs of aging such as wrinkles and expression lines, lack pel-uniform, uneven tone, dull skin, enlarged pores and age spots while moisturizing.

While it seems a miracle anti-wrinkle cream, I will tell you that although there are no miracles do much to get what we have mentioned, as it contains among other vitamins B3, which drives the process of skin renewal and vitamin E, which captures free radicals.

Also exists in several versions and for different uses, with UVA / UVB protection (SPF 15), fragrance, night cream, eye contour and the newest version is also anti-imperfections, that is fighting the granites, a version lightest of the original anti-wrinkle cream.

Aging Process

Aging Process How do I stop?

We all know what it means to aging, however, scientifically very difficult to determine because not only the passage of time, but biological processes are complex, difficult to assess at the cellular, tissue and organs.

Effect of age

Obvious effects of aging, especially by:

Atrophy of most organs and tissues.
Progressive decrease in the efficiency and strength of all body functions, highlighting the cardiac output, muscle strength and alertness, among others.
Increased susceptibility to malignancy, autoimmune diseases and infectious processes is poorly functioning immune system.

Increased vulnerability to trauma.

VO2 max decreased (oxygen capacity).
This process affects all people, but it is quantitatively not all at the same age. So at 60 years old and probably others seem young and while some of the 80 men are old, some do not see their age they have. Therefore, we must accept that there are individual variables that make chronological age and functional age varies with each individual.

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