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Beauty Tips in Summer Season

During the season from December to March is very important to change some habits in our lives and change the routine a bit we carry. This is, precisely, to summer being the hottest season, we have to show our bodies and we want to look good always.

To do feel very comfortable and act naturally is necessary to consider some factors that help in building your profile and image of the summer.

* Foot care: No one can resist heat, let alone the heavy shoes, therefore, wanting to wear sandals, we should worry about good looks of our feet, keeping a proper nail makeup and above them clean simpre performing them pedicures every two weeks.
* Protect your skin damage the sun can cause are endless, which is why we must learn to use bloquedaores and different products that protect from sun damage. You have to find a factor blockers with sunscreen that suits your skin and that is more than 30 SPF.

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